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Scholarships for Metro residents

At WVU Potomac State College, we want the best students – so we look at more than tests and GPAs. We value your hard work and determination too. We have expanded our scholarship tiers to offer even more students the opportunity to earn a WVU degree.

No separate application is necessary for our scholarships. Once you are admitted, you will be reviewed for scholarship eligibility.

Deadline for scholarship eligibility: June 1, 2024 for admission and for submission of updated GPA and test scores.

Climb Higher Scholarships for Metro Counties

Metro counties include: Allegany and Garrett counties, MD; Frederick County, VA (including city of Winchester, VA); Bedford, Fayette and Somerset counties, PA. Scholarship amounts vary based on the degree you are pursuing (associate or bachelor's).

Associate Degree Amounts

 Climb Higher Scholarship Metro Counties
Level 1 (3.8+ and ACT ≥30 or SAT≥1360) $4,000
Level 2 (3.8+) $3,000
Level 3 (3.5-3.79) $2,000
Level 4 (3.0-3.49) $1,200

Bachelor's Degree Amounts

Climb Higher Scholarship Metro Counties
Level 1 (3.8+ and ACT ≥30 or SAT≥1360) $5,000
Level 2 (3.8+) $3,500
Level 3 (3.5-3.79) $2,500
Level 4 (3.0-3.49) $1,500

Potomac State College scholarships for Metro Students are fully integrated with the scholarship program at West Virginia University. If a student decides to change campuses from Potomac State to WVU and meets the academic standards for these scholarships, the student will be eligible to continue to receive these scholarships at WVU at the current WVU value. Students in PSC four-year programs are eligible for the scholarships for up to four years. 

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