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Student Technology Resources


Information Technology Services is here to help you succeed at WVU Potomac State College! We provide and support a wide array of technology, from the wireless networks to eCampus and STAR. Got a question? Contact us at (304) 293-4444 or visit


Select the WVU.Encrypted wireless network and enter your WVU Login username and password to connect your mobile devices and computer to the internet while on campus. The WVU.Play network is for gaming consoles and smart devices such TVs, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple TV and Roku. All these devices must be registered by MAC address at before connecting to WVU.Play.

PLEASE NOTE: Wii devices won’t work on WVU’s wireless network because our newer technology does not support these older systems. Also, WVU.Guest is for visitors to campus; students who attempt to connect will see an error.


You can download FREE Microsoft Office on up to five devices and Sophos anti-virus on up to three. Visit the Software Licensing Center before purchasing software from anywhere else. Extra bonus!  Students receive unlimited Google Drive cloud storage with their MIX (Gmail) account.


PSC Emergency Alert System allows you to receive the latest emergency, crime, weather and campus closure updates directly to your mobile phone. You may register a family member’s number as well as your own.


Within two days of registering for classes, students will have to use Duo two-factor authentication to confirm their identities when accessing a secure system. Two-factor means you prove who you are in two ways – with something you KNOW (your Login password) and something you HAVE (the Duo Mobile app). Learn more at

After setting up Duo, generate backup codes at to log in even if you lose access to your phone. You can generate 10, single-use codes at one time. Store them in your wallet or another secure location, cross them out as you use them, and generate another 10 when you run out. 


The Mountaineer Card is more than your photo ID. At WVU Keyser, you can also use it in the dining halls, laundry facilities and Barnes & Noble bookstore. ITS hopes to expand the Mountie Bounty program, which allows you to use it like a debit card for other services on and off campus!  Learn more at


Students can email or upload documents and print from anywhere with MyPrinting. Users must have valid Login credentials, a WVU email account and a Mountaineer Card with a Mountie Bounty balance. WVU does NOT support the use of personal wireless printers and won’t allow them on the the network. If you bring a printer, you must use a USB cable to connect and turn off the wireless feature.


For our recommendations and to see requirements by college, visit the Student Resources page.


Login is a single set of credentials that can be used with numerous WVU systems. You can change your password and perform other tasks at

Portal is where all students access key information such as eCampus, STAR, grades and email.

Email addresses assigned to students end with; this is a Gmail account. When setting up your email on mobile devices, select Gmail as the first step, and then enter your Login credentials.  

STAR (Students & Technology Achieving Results) is the system students use to get information about financial aid, course schedules and catalogs, and to register for classes. or

eCampus is the online learning management system, which can be used for both online and face-to-face courses at all WVU campuses.  

Learn more:   

Log in:

Schedule Builder can help you create the perfect class schedule. or


WVU Login and Duo Mobile accounts are for STUDENTS ONLY. Parents and guardians should never log into any WVU system using a student’s username and password or add devices to a student’s two-factor account. This violates University policy and could cause your student problems when they try to log into systems such as Portal, eCampus, STAR or email.

Parents and others can conveniently access billing, financial aid and other important records through the Parent/Guest Portal, using your own username and password.  Instructions for your student to grant access are at


Find information about tuition and fees, billing options, payment deadlines and more.


Keep up with both planned maintenance and unplanned outages of important systems by following ITS on social media. You can “like” WVU Information Technology on Facebook or follow @WVUITServices on Twitter!

For Keyser-specific news, you can “like” WVU Potomac State College on Facebook or follow @PotomacState on Twitter!

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