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Federal Pell Grant

Pell Grants are available to undergraduates who have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree. The award amount in the financial aid package is normally based on full-time enrollment. The actual grant amount that will disburse in the student’s account is based on financial need and the number of credit hours for which they are enrolled on the last day of the add/drop period.

You may view additional information regarding the Pell Grant at the US Department of Education website.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG): 

Undergraduate students working on their first bachelor’s degree may be eligible for this grant if they meet the March 1 FAFSA deadline, are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, have a minimal EFC as calculated by the federal processor and if funding exists at the time of the student’s financial aid packaging.

West Virginia Invests Grant Program:

The West Virginia Invests Grant is a state-funded financial aid program designed to cover the cost of tuition and fees for associate degree programs in high demand fields for qualifying residents of West Virginia. The preferred deadline for application and completion of the FAFSA is April 15. WVU Potomac State College is the only WVU campus participating in the program. You can read additional information and apply at

West Virginia Higher Education Grant (WVHEG): 

The award amount can vary, depending on your eligibility, major, and other aid received. The grant is available to full-time undergraduates only who have not previously received a bachelor’s degree. To be eligible for the WVHEG, students must complete a FAFSA before April 15th each year.

Higher Education Adult Part-Time Student (HEAPS) Grant Program:

The purpose of the HEAPS Grant Program is to encourage and enable needy West Virginia students, who desire to continue their education on a part-time basis at the post-secondary level. Awarded to eligible WV students attending school on a part-time basis (3-11 credit hours). Eligible applicants must have lived in West Virginia continuously for a minimum of twelve months and be paying West Virginia resident tuition rates. Students are reviewed for eligibility after the add/drop period and awarded accordingly if funding exists. 

The Pennsylvania State Grant: 

Offers a maximum award of $600 per year for undergraduate students. You must be a resident of the state of issuing the award. For more information, visit

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