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Academic Forgiveness


WVU Potomac State College allows academic forgiveness to some undergraduate students who are not successful in their first attempt at higher education within the West Virginia system.



To apply for Academic Forgiveness, you must have attended an institution within the West Virginia State System of Higher Education and cannot have been enrolled at any higher education institution for at least four calendar years. Please note WVU does not recognize prior Academic Forgiveness granted by another institution. This policy will replace any other prior academic forgiveness granted and the cumulative incoming GPA for students granted Academic Forgiveness will reflect the application of WVU’s policy and not the prior institutions. 



Upon admission to WVU Potomac State College under this policy, the student will be credited with the hours earned for courses completed with a grade of D or higher.

Grades earned during any prior enrollment period will not be counted for purposes of calculating the student’s grade point average, but the grades earned will remain on the student’s permanent record.

The student must meet and complete all coursework required to meet the college’s requirements for graduation, but under no circumstances after the student has been admitted under the academic forgiveness policy shall the student complete fewer than thirty credit hours prior to earning a degree.



  1. Complete and sign the top half of the  Petition for Admission under Academic Forgiveness Policy.
  2. Petition is approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs or designee.
  3. Recommendation for admission under Academic Forgiveness is returned to the Office of Enrollment Services for appropriate processing.
  4. After you have been admitted under the Academic Forgiveness Policy, you must complete 60 or more credit hours prior to earning a degree.


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