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Withdrawal from College

Withdrawal From All Classes for the Current Term

If you are considering an academic withdrawal from the current term, please discuss your situation with your academic advisor to consider all of your options .

When you withdraw from ALL your classes during a term:

However, there are other implications associated with withdrawing from courses including:

The last day to withdraw from all classes for the Spring and Fall Term is during the thirteenth week of the semester, the same day as the last day to withdraw from a course. To see the dates for the current term, go to the Academic Calendar.

To withdraw from all classes, please use one of the following methods:


Please include the following:

·         Full Name

·         WVUID number

·         Permanent Address

·         Telephone number

·         Reason for withdrawal

·         Signature 

If you live in college housing, you should vacate housing and turn in keys via the proper procedure. Check with Housing Office at 304-788-7407 or for procedural details.

If you still have a Mountie Bounty balance 125 days after withdrawing from the College, you will be charged a $10 account processing fee. To avoid this, go to to check your balance. You can either spend it at participating locations or request a refund.

If you receive financial aid, please discuss the impact of the withdrawal prior to submitting, with the Financial Aid staff in the Office of Enrollment Services at 75 Arnold Street or by calling 304-788-6820 or emailing

Important Notice

Financial aid recipients who withdraw from all courses before sixty percent of the term is completed may be required to return a portion of any financial aid disbursed for the term. Grades of W are counted in Attempted Hours and affect student completion rate, one of the standards for determining financial aid satisfactory academic progress. Students who do not receive at least one passing grade in a term may be required to return a portion of any financial aid disbursed for that term according to their last date of attendance or participation on record. If a student, whose financial aid has been impacted, believes this date is incorrect, they may provide documentation that supports attendance or participation beyond the last date of attendance or participation on record.

Military Leave

Students who are called to active military service during a term must submit a copy of their deployment orders to the appropriate institutional officer. For additional information relative to military withdrawals, or if students are being deployed after the 13th week of instruction of the fall or spring terms and want to keep their grades earned at the time of deployment, please refer to the  Military Leave section of the catalog.

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