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Update Personal Information

How to Update Your Phone Number or Address in STAR

Students are encouraged to review and update their phone numbers in STAR. These numbers are only used for internal WVU purposes and help WVU offices contact students while off-campus.

Disregard any "do not update" messages that may appear when updating your phone number.

  1. Log into and click STAR.
  2. Click Personal Information then select the Personal Information link.
  3. Review your information on the personal information page.  Click the edit button or + Add New to edit a phone number or add a new phone number.  You can also edit or add your Mailing/Local Address, Emergency Contact, and/or Additional Details on this page, as well.
  4. If adding a new phone number, choose the type of phone number from the drop-down list.
  5. Enter the new phone number and click Add.

How to Update Your Legal Name, Date of Birth, or Social Security Number

  1. Access the forms list
  2. Under "Records", click on the "Change Personal Information" link
This will provide a liquid files link from IT to upload information.

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