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Withdrawal from Individual Classes


Withdrawal during the Drop/Add period

Students may withdraw from an individual course or all courses during the drop/add period, which runs until the end of the first week of a standard fall or spring 16-week term. Withdrawals for courses beginning on different parts of term or in the summer must be within the deadline as indicated on the  Add and Drop Dates section of the Office of the University Registrar's website. Courses dropped during the appropriate drop/add period will not be recorded on the student’s transcript.

Withdrawal by the Withdrawal Deadline

Generally, students can withdraw from one or several courses after the Drop/Add period but prior to the Withdrawal Deadline published in the University Calendar (during the 13th week of instruction for spring and fall terms). A grade of W will be recorded on the transcript, indicating the student withdrew from the course. The grade point average is not affected, but student progress within an identified major may be impacted, as well as the ability to retain financial aid. “Attempted Hours” on the transcript include all courses for which a W is recorded. If a student does not follow the university’s withdrawal procedures, the final grades earned by the student will be recorded on the transcript. NOTE: No longer attending a course does not constitute withdrawal. Students who do not formally drop or withdrawal from a course they are no longer attending will receive a failing grade for the course.

If you need to withdraw from the last class you are enrolled in, then you must withdraw from the current term.  Please consult the information on Withdrawal from College. 


Before withdrawing from individual classes, consult your advisor to determine if:

To withdraw from one or more courses by the Withdrawal Deadline, students should log on to the WVU Portal accessible at and drop their courses through STAR.

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