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Room & Board Per Semester

Per Semester Rates 2024-2025. Same Rate for WV Residents, Out-of-State, and Metro.


Residence Hall Application Fee/Deposit*




Memorial Hall

Private Room 

1 person



University Place

Double Suite - Fall & Spring Semesters

4 people


1 bath

Private Double - Fall & Spring Semesters

2 people


1 bath

Double Suite - Summer Session- Daily Rate

4 people


1 bath

Private Double  - Summer Session- Daily Rate

2 people


1 bath

Single Suite-Private Room with Private Bath

1 person


1 bath

*Required.  Will be credited to student's bill when room assigned.








Resident Hall and Commuter Meal Plans




Board - 21 Meal Plan with $75 Dining Dollars 




Board - 15 Meal Plan with $75 Dining Dollars 




Board - 10 Meal Plan with $75 Dining Dollars 




Commuter Only 




25 Meals (per semester)




50 Meals (per semester)




80 Meals (per semester - also available for summer)




25 Meals (per semester) with $100 Dining Dollars 




50 Meals (per semester) with $100 Dining Dollars 




80 Meals (per semester) with $100 Dining Dollars




Miscellaneous Fees

Other Fees or Charges that May Be Required:

Non-Sufficient Funds Check Fee


I.D. Card (Replacement)


Late Payment Fee

2.85% per month on balances equal to or greater than $200

Reinstatement Fee


Orientation Fee


Parking Fee (Resident/Commuter)


RBA Course Transfer Evaluation


RBA Degree Evaluation




Diploma Replacement Fee 


Residence Hall Application Fee/Deposit 


Community Interest Course


Per Credit Prior Learning Assessment Fee   


Portfolio Prior Learning Assessment Fee


* Late Registration Fee


** Online Learning Student Support Fee (OLSSF):
Associate DP capped at $30 per course
Bachelor DP capped at $75 per course

Associate DP: $10
Bachelor DP: $25

Study Abroad Non-Tax Deductible Costs 

Course Dependent 

Study Abroad Tax Deductible Costs 

Course Dependent

*** Student Health Insurance - Fall and Spring Semesters


*** Student Health Insurance - Summer Semesters


Hospitality and Tourism Equipment Fee


This fee is assessed to all continuing students who initially register for Fall or Spring semester after the first assessment. It is not assessed to students who subsequently add courses or register for a part term later in the semester. 

** The OLSSF is not currently charged for PSC students. 

***  Please note, students enrolled at PSC are exempt from the insurance requirement, are not eligible for the WVU health insurance plan, and do not need to complete the student health insurance waiver for the current academic year.

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