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Student Accounts

Student Accounts:

Submit an online request at for information regarding Student Accounts.


General Information - WVU Potomac State College is a division of West Virginia University with integrated billing through the WVU STAR Banner system.


Paperless Billing – WVU does not mail bills. However, you can access an OnDemand Statement online via WVU MyAccount. Learn how to navigate your WVU MyAccount here: .  


Due  Dates - For more information about key dates and deadlines, visit WVU's billing page at


Payments - Head to the new streamlined WVU MyAccount platform to view your charges and make payments to your account. You can access WVU MyAccount by logging into your  WVU Portal and clicking the “PAY YOUR BILL HERE!” button. The system is available nearly 24 hours a day and all payments are posted in real-time. A 2.85% processing fee will be charged if paying by credit or debit card. A processing fee will not be charged if paying by electronic check.


In-person payments of cash, checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, credit and debit cards, (VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER), are accepted at the PSC Office of Student Accounts located in the Administration Building , room 107.


Payment  Plans – A payment plan allows you to break up your semester’s tuition and fees into smaller, more manageable installments, rather than paying in full all at once. Some of the advantages of the payment plan are:

Refunds - WVU, in coordination with TMS Afford, issues student refunds. Please visit the Student Refund  page for more information.


Are you a Parent? Learn about FERPA and how you can gain access to you student’s records here:


PNC Bank - PNC Student Banking makes managing your money while you’re at school one less thing to worry about.  More information can be found on the  PNC Bank site .

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