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Student Employment

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is a need-based “self-help” aid program which allows students to earn money by working a part-time job (up to 20 hours per week) on or off campus. Students are paid only for hours worked twice per month. Payment is in the form of paychecks that are directly deposited into the student’s bank account. Money is not available prior to the term for covering tuition and fees.

The Federal Work Study Program provides valuable experience to students both inside and outside of their field of study. Students are encouraged to work part-time while in school to not only gain work experience but to help contribute to the cost of their education and reduce their loan indebtedness. 


How Do I Become Eligible?
I'm Eligible - Now What?
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Any student participating in the program who is not already on payroll with the college will need to complete the necessary paperwork for payroll prior to working. The payroll office is located in the Administration Building.  If you have additional questions regarding the payroll process you may contact the Payroll office at 304.788.6829. 

For additional questions about Financial Aid and eligibility please email the Office of Enrollment Services at


FWS Supervisor Training 

WVU-Keyser Campus Federal Work Study Request Form

WVU-Keyser Campus Federal Work Study Selection Form

WVU-Keyser Campus Federal Work Study Release Form

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