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Early Alert System

The academic progress of all students is an important concern of the College. Help is available through the Academic Success Center for students who are having academic difficulty. It is important for students to be aware of their academic progress in classes early in the semester so there is ample time to correct the situation. Therefore, by the fifth week of classes each semester, faculty identify areas of concern for students in their classes. These areas of concern are things that may interfere with a student's ability to successfully complete the class. These areas include:

If you are referred to the Academic Success Center by a faculty member, do not be insulted or offended. This means that your instructor or professor has a genuine interest in your achievement in the course. Should you yourself identify two or more of the above areas of concern in any of your classes, it may be valuable for you to refer yourself to the center.

Once identified, students are notified of these areas of need by the Coordinator of the Academic Success Center. By making this very early intervention, we can help you overcome any barriers to becoming a more successful student!

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